Dear fuzz butts,

While I don't mind if you go out to play with your fuzzy little toys, could you please not bring them home to play with them in the house.

Esp at 5 o'clock in the morning. Yes, I am talking to you Rum Tum. I love you dearly, but your "I've got a mouse" trill is louder then the alarm clock and mommy was not thrilled about being awake at that hour.

She esp was not too happy when she got up to to use the bathroom to have you drop your fuzzy and still alive toy on her feet. Thank you for at least chasing it under the head board.

Now I am talking to all you fur kids. When you are done with your fuzzy toys, please take them outside or at least eat them completely. When I finally got up this morning I was at least sentient enough to avoid stepping on the itty bitty mouse stomach Rum Tum didn't eat. Stepping on a cold, squishy mouse or mouse parts is not how I want to start my morning.

So please play with your toys OUTSIDE!


P.S. This goes for your feathery toys. I am still finding feathers in places I didn't think you could hide them in!