WHEW! What a week!

Sorry for taking so long to post. Getting sick on Monday night was not a good thing and kinda threw things out of whack.

Seems I must have gotten too much sun and heat this last weekend and it caught up with me Monday night and I ended up discovering exactly how much I hate throwing up. Needless to say Tuesday was not nice either and thank goodness we had a large container of powdered Gatorade since I'd lost enough fluids to throw off my system. Had hubby get me some pepto and Sprite and I was feeling better by Wed morning, enough to go back to work. Finally got some solid food Wed night. Instant mashed potatoes are absolute ambrosia LOL!

Outside of that little bobble, the rest of the week was good. Had lots of fun up in Spokane visiting my friend M when we could (he was working graveyard shift) and spending a goodly portion of Saturday at Riverfront Park at Pride with Ms Ella while hubby was over in Coeur d'Alene with a client.

Found a great spot to watch the parade

Did some shopping while up there, it was nice to get to some of the bigger stores and such. Hit Harbour Freight and picked up a few items. Got a dryer vent brush so I can work on that at some point. Also picked up a small bilge pump that we will adapt to use with my rain barrel to pull water out to water the planters I will hang and have up on shelves. We tested the concept using it to fill the fish tank with fresh water and it works great.

We have decided to buy a friend's mini van. A 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager. Primarily so we can use it for camping in, but it is very nice for tooling around the big city in since it is an automatic. Less stress on the knees not having to clutch and shift. It needs some work, but we drove it up to Spokane and it was nice. Lots of room too. SO now we have a spare car so when one of us is out with a vehicle, the other isn't stuck at home. I'll get pics of it later.

Have been processing pics of last weekend as fast as I can, finally got them done. I've pics of Ms Ella at Riverfront Park before the parade posted on her blog. I will have pics of her at Pride posted later.

I do have the pics from Pride and the Parade, so here is the slide show:

I had a blast, tho next year I will remember to take the sunscreen. I'm now peeling and as I mentioned, being sick like that from the heat was not fun at all.

The hubby scored another recliner off latahfreeexchange. Picked it up Thursday after work. The van really comes in handy for that, took out the 3rd row seat and there was plenty of room. I moved the sofa out and replace it with the two recliners and a table between. The sofa is now awaiting its new owners. I listed it on freeexchange yesterday and today had a taker. Now we just have to figure out how we are getting it out the door!

So just puttering today, once the sofa is gone we can finish getting the living room in order. Have several more things to list on freeexchange, so will get those listed sometime this weekend. Luckily they are much smaller then the sofa, so will be easier to give to people LOL.