Nice weekend and a short week ahead

Had a very nice weekend, tho the weather really wasn't cooperative and all we wanted to do was nap. Did manage to get the house in order.

My mom and aunt arrived yesterday. Haven't seen my aunt yet as she's come down with a cold, so stayed at the hotel last night. I'll be having lunch today with mom, hopefully my aunt will be feeling better and can join us.

Friday I worked on the living room, got it in pretty decent shape and then we decided to pop down to Lewiston to do a bit of shopping. Hit the Chinese all you can eat for lunch, then up the hill to the Grocery Outlet where I scored some avocados for 2 for $1 and we picked up more brie for $1.49 each. Also got more potato patties for Sunday breakfasts.

The onto Black Sheep where we got a replacement anchor for the boat. We'd lost the other one at Moose Creek a couple weeks back.

Next was Costco, didn't really need anything, just some chicken, so we got out of there for a LOT less then we usually do LOL.

Then it was home and a nap.

Sunday we'd planned on going to visit some friends who'd gone up to Moose creek to camp, but it was too cold and we were too tired. So instead we did a bit more grocery shopping and had burgers and fries for dinner.

We hit Shopko to pick up a new coffee maker as ours was on it's last legs. The spring that closed it when you pulled the carafe was gone and it was brewing slower and slower, even after cleaning and descaling.

So picked up a Hamilton Beach 6 cup Brew Station. It does brew a nice cup of coffee, tho with the size of the cups we usually use, it works out to making 2 cups LOL. But since it is so fast, we can make a 2nd batch if we really want more. The real plus for it is I don't have to worry about setting it up for automatic brewing in the morning and then forgetting to put the carafe back in and flooding the kitchen. Not too mention, not breaking anymore carafes!

Also walked out with a new deep fryer. I love my Fry Daddy, but it is a bit small for some of the frying I do, so Shopko had some on clearance for $24, so we figured why not. It is a brand I've never heard of, Culinart, but it works out pretty well. It is a 1.5 liter size, has a basket and I can do double or a bit more then what what I previously could. It also has temperature range settings, so I can set to what I want (highest for fries, lower for other foods). Did the fries in it on Saturday and they were perfect.

Sunday we planned on going to friends to visit and play mahjong, but we again were wiped out. Talking with our friends, seems there is some kind of bug or something going around that wipes you out and makes you want to sleep all the time and not feel rested when you do. Most of our friends have been hit with it. I don't like it, makes it difficult to enjoy long weekends properly. I like to take naps because I can, not because I have to LOL.

So we napped and then watched the race. I thawed some BLSL chicken thighs and made chicken nuggets with the rice flour tempura for noshies. Enjoyed the race, tho I wish someone else other then a Busch brother had won. At least it wasn't Kyle.

Monday was up and at'em to put the finishing touches on the house. I cut up and put the pork roast into the crock pot with a bit of salt, pepper and some white balsamic vinegar into the crock pot to cook for the day. Later I pulled out the bread machine and did a batch of dough for home made buns. Dinner was pretty much ready on time. The pork was perfect and shredded nicely. The buns were tasty and almost a ciabatta texture, tho not quite as chewy. I diced up some avocado, onion and laid out some cheeses, set out a couple different kinds of BBQ sauce and then nuked a can of collard greens.

Pulled pork sandwich

The canned collard greens were pretty tasty, tho the liquid smoke flavor was just a tad strong, but not so strong as to make them inedible. Have to see about making my own from scratch. I think Winco sells collard greens and I have a couple ham hocks in the freezer.

Had a nice visit with mom, a couple of the kitties showed up long enough to get some grandma attention before they took off outside again. Since my aunt wasn't feeling good, I made up a pork sandwich with cheese for her that my mom took when she went back to the hotel.

My aunt loves to have me fire up the grill when she comes to visit, so will look at steaks either tomorrow or Thursday. I'll pick up some charcoal as the propane tanks haven't been refilled for the season yet and I haven't fired up the Weber in a while anyways.

Put the freezer bowl in to freeze as she likes home made ice cream. Usually we'll pick up straw berries, but I think I still have some stashed int he freezer that I can use, unless she wants another flavor. I've plenty of milk, just need to pick up some cream.