Moose Creek

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We are getting WAY to old for tent camping. Not too mention we weren't ready for it in May :P Good thing we only went out for one night, we'd have come back in on Saturday if we'd gone for two nights.

Got everything pretty well ready on Friday night, had the neighbor help me move the boat around front, got the car mostly packed, did laundry and checked all the gear.

Slept in on Saturday, got up, had coffee, finished getting ready and got up to Moose Creek a bit after noon. Found our friends and took the spot across the road from them. Set up the tent and then fixed lunch.

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Visited with our friends for a bit lakeside as the boys were out in the kayak, then found the boat launch (such as it was), registered our spot ($10 for the night), put the boat in and hubby took the boat across while I took the car and trailer back and parked it.

Met hubby and I took over the boat and we headed out.

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Hubby gets cranky when I drive the boat. We don't know why, it happened a number of years ago when we rented on at Elk River one weekend. He has no idea why, but has decided it is his inner Captain Morgan who got cranky. But I think he'll be in charge of piloting the boat from now on.

So we eventually headed back to shore and hung out on the bank with our friends and fished from there.

moose creek20

moose creek16

Wandered back up to start dinner about 5:30, a one pan chicken and rice dish. Sliced my left index finger REAL good cutting up the chicken.

Soaked the first bandaid, so ended up with thick gauze and tape. Cleaned it with Bactine and have been applying triple ointment and it is healing up. No pics of the finger, didn't feel like taking any LOL.

Dinner turned out nicely.

Sat with our friends at their fire while they did food on a stick and then s'mores for the boys.

moose creek28

Headed off for bed about 10 pm. We'd gotten the cot and air mattress set up earlier. Used hubby's CPAP to inflate it. We do need to get a proper inflator. Cot and mattress is supposed to be a queen, I would say a slightly generous double, queen it was not. Thought it was set level, discovered at 2am it wasn't when I fell off the bed.

Hubby didn't have his side of the sleeping bag zipped (two bags together to make a double) and I took the bag with me, poor guy had no covers and it was COLD! Finally got myself untangled from the bag, achieving a charlie horse in my left calf while I was at it.

Had a slow leak in the air mattress, used my CPAP to top it off. Didn't leak as much the rest of the night and we managed to get some sleep, tho at one point I was really seriously thinking hopping in the car, driving home and sleeping and then going back. Hubby was also thinking the same thing.

But we made it thru the night, I did remember the coffee fixings, so that was good. We have a Melita coffee maker with carafe, so it made enough for two cups with top offs.

Morning was overcast, but nice.

moose creek30

Decided we were too wiped to even think about taking the boat out. Moose Creek sucks for boating, needs to be seriously dredged, it is too shallow in a lot of spots. Great camping, sucky boating.

So we packed everything up and then went to be social with our friends.

I then took the boat back across to the boat launch,

moose creekA6

slowed down and drifted by the little island with the nesting Canadian geese. Didn't get too close as the males were giving me the eye if I did, so used the zoom to snap my pics. I was about 25-30 out.

moose creekA1

moose creekA5

Hubby had helped our friends get the kayak out of the water and visited a bit more before bringing the car and trailer around, so we got there at the same time. Loaded up and we were homeward bound.

moose creekA8

Original plan was stopping at Spring Valley to put the boat in, but we were too wiped. Came home, ordered pizza from Papa Murphy's, picked it up, picked up some sodas and headed home to eat pizza and watch the race. Took a nap part way thru. Partially unloaded the car, vegged on the couch until 10 and went to bed.

So we have a list of what we need for next time (still want a trailer), will look at a boat cover so we can pack everything in the boat to travel and not have the car so packed. Camping stuff we can then store in the boat (or the utility trailer when we just go boating).

Problems and freezing aside, we did have a good time and can't wait til we can go camping again (tho wait until the weather warms up a bit more).

Here is a pic of a cool snail one of our friends found:

moose creek12