Almost the weekend.

And a long weekend at that with my Friday off and Memorial Day on Monday.

My mom and aunt will be down on Monday, they arrived in Spokane yesterday and will be puttering about up there. The hubby and I were thinking about camping this weekend, but it looks like it is going to be too cold and wet for tent camping, so we'll hang about the house and I have to see about getting it in order for company.

Did tempura'd sweet onions and 'shrooms on Tuesday. Also did some cut up steak, tho I think next time I will use a lighter meat, like chicken. Steak needs a heavier batter then rice flour (still yummy tho).


Was able to get a couple REALLY nice pics out of that cooking session and will be using them in my shop. I'm going to try and use my Fridays off to work on more designs and get those up. Been doing steady sales, sold a poster of my chocolate zucchini bread that will be winging its way to Switzerland in the next couple of days.

Speaking of photographs, found a photo group via another blog I read and joined up. The group is a prompt group, they come up with an idea or subject and the goal is to get pics to fit. Not too mention get one to try and take photos everyday or at least as often as possible. I am hoping this will help get the creative juices really going and see how much I can stretch as a photographer, esp with a wonky camera LOL!