It is finally Friday, the sun is out and the wind has died down. Frickin' cold this morning tho.

Hubby had an early client call, so we were up at 6ish. Good thing he'd set the alarm on his watch, hadn't realized when the power blipped at home yesterday (fish tank was off all afternoon) that it tripped the clock in the bedroom. So with was flashing Philps when I finally looked at it this morning.

Needless to say, was out the door early and I am struggling to stay awake. Need to see about some more coffee at some point.

The bruise on my finger where the gal poked me yesterday to check my iron levels is fading. Was a bit surprised I'd bruised like that since it wasn't that much of a needle poke.

No major plans for the weekend, mostly just putter around the house. Hubby picked up a nice Mahjong set, he used to play it when he was previously married. He's been wanting a set, but the ones we've come across have been very pricey and exceedingly cheep looking. But we found a nice one over at Safari Pearl for a decent price, so time to start learning how to play. We've a number of friends interested, so with luck we can have some Friday night Mahjong get togethers soon.