Okay, fingers crossed everyone!

Dropped off the application and CD of some photos I hope to flog to the local hospital which is looking for artwork from local artists for a new office space. I was told by a friend who is also submitting (and I have to say, "told" is putting it mildly. More like ordered LOL) that I would also be submitting some things.

So I went thru, found some really nice images I haven't used for my Zazzle store, figured out what sizes I would be able to print them out at and now we'll see. If they do want any, I will have to also see about getting them matted and mounted after getting them printed and then figure out what to charge for them.

Not sure how soon they will be making the decisions, the deadline for submissions is 5pm today.

Very nice weekend, tho I really wish I had gotten my rain barrel set up on Saturday. We had enough rain to have filled it. Oh well, we are supposed to be getting more rain this week.

FINALLY got a bunch of recycling taken in. We've been stashing a lot of it in the utility trailer and finally found the time to hook it up tot he car and take it in. Now we have room in it for another load LOL.

Speaking of trailer, we are going to get some better plywood and re-do it. The plywood we have on it now is pretty flimsy and if we want to seriously load it up, would stress it too much. So I will have to paint it again, but with the paint sprayers and compressor, will have an easier time of it. I'll stick with the zebra theme, but will see about a good solid clear coat on top once I paint it to keep it looking better after a winter or two.