It's FRIDAY!!!! YAY!!! and it's snowing!!! BOOOOO!!!!!

Snow is coming down again, big fluffy flakes. It started this morning for a bit, then stopped and started again. Here is what it looked like about noon:


At least it isn't sticking, but the icky weather means no fishing :(


I really need to go fishing and I want a nice sunny day for it. As I may have mentioned before, I love my fishing, but don't like freezing to death doing it.

Oh well, good excuse for a quiet weekend, maybe get some designs done up for my shop. May even think about baking some bread and digging a thing of split pea soup out of the deep freeze.

Not been doing a lot of real cooking this week, been too blah. But I did make some wraps with London broil the other night. Hubby wanted beef and something a bit different and we hadn't done wraps in a while. So I sliced the meat, simmered it on top of the stove in its own juices and added a packet of au jus gravy. Let that simmer longer and then added baby spinach and let it wilt down and then mixed it in. Softened the flour tortillas and added the meat/spinach, shredded cheese and on mine, avocado and hubby had raw sweet onions.

Beef wrap

A very yummy dinner, have to make it again. The spinach was really good in it. I'd only a half a bag, so next time see about a full bag as there wasn't quite enough spinach (says she who refused to touch the stuff as a child. Then again, spinach from a can that was then boiled to death is enough to turn anyone off of spinach!)

Speaking of spinach, I do need to check on the progress of my garden and see if what is coming up is recognizable as edible greens and veg so I can start taking out the weeds.

Still playing around with layouts and such. Added another tabbed page to move the links for my other sites and such off the main page. Eventually I will come up with something I like and keep it there for a while LOL.