Dad rat it and FRIBBLE!

Popped over to the Commons to donate blood, found out I was still in their files even after 15 years (which has been how long since I last donated), filled out the paperwork, popped out to the bus and ended up not giving blood thanks to a too fast pulse rate.


At least I know my iron levels are fantastic, tho my temp was a bit over 99F, so I must be running some kind of low grade something that boosted my pulse a bit.

I was going to take pics to blog and even had a great title picked out that would guarantee LOTS of traffic: "Fat chick gets poked!" LOL!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, they are back at the U beginning of May, so we'll shoot for trying again then.

Wild and woolly weather today, LOTS of wind (apparently part of Moscow had the power knocked out) and snow and hail and a bit of rain, between the sunshine. We pulled the flagpole down at home as it was whipping about pretty good this morning. I was rather amazed to find we hadn't been blown to Oz when I looked out of the windows this morning, the wind was doing a serious job shaking the trailer around.

I do hope this we have some decent weather, if only so I can get more seeds in the ground.