Almost halfway there

It was actually rather nice this morning when we went out the door, unfortunately the weather bug keeps popping up a "severe weather" warning.

Went to a friend's for dinner last night. She had some paintings she'd done that I took pictures of so she could submit them to the local hospital which is looking for works from local artists and photographers. So I will process those and also go thru my photos and see what I have I can submit of my own work. They are going to pay, so if I can sell them a few, that would be so way cool! Maybe even get enough money towards a new camera.

Speaking of cameras, I need to find a class in digital photography so I can actually figure out what I am doing LOL. I've gotten good enough on my own, but still don't understand things like exposures and f stops and all that. I do need to actually learn all this so I can get even better. The one class I can find thru the U lists "35mm adjustable camera required, plus additional costs for photographic materials" as a requirement, so that one doesn't sound like it will do me good since I want to use my little Nikon P3 if I don't have a new one by then. So will keep looking, maybe Parks & Rec might have something this summer.

Popped out at lunch to see about donating some blood over at the Coop. Hubby had seen the sign and called me to see if I wanted to go and I said yes. He'd not read the whole sign tho, they didn't start until 2pm, so I couldn't. So we went to lunch at Super China instead. I just checked the blood bank's website and they will be on campus tomorrow, so I will see about trying again as they will be open on my lunch hour.