Why do major or semi-major plumbing problems happen on Sunday afternoons?

Had to wash my hair in the kitchen sink this morning since the shower/tub is currently out of commission as the cold water tap fell apart when hubby went to rinse out the tub yesterday. We tried to put it back together, but it was beyond our skill levels, so we have our favorite handyfriend coming over this evening to put it back together for us.

Luckily we didn't have too much flooding as most of the water went into the tub, tho we did have a bit in the office closet where the shut off access panel is. Thankfully we didn't have anything stored on the floor that we needed to worry about getting wet.

Fairly quiet and laid back weekend, slept a LOT! Managed to get a bit of puttering done. Had a free video rental from Movie Gallery, so we picked up GI Joe since we wanted something pretty mindless. Hubby has a vague notion of feeling ripped off even tho we didn't pay for the movie, I rather enjoyed it tho the lead was pretty unforgettable. The supporting cast was pretty good, they just need to stop casting pretty boys with the personality of goo as the romantic/action lead.

Hubby has a new term for mindless action movies like this, homeopathic movies. They waved a pencil that was once used to write a real script over the movie so it has the memory of a plot in it hehehehehehehehe.

The race was great, tho we ended up starting it late. We started it then decided to go to bed at the halfway point, but couldn't get to sleep, so turned it back on. Finally went to bed and got to sleep about 1am. I am going to need LOTS of coffee today.

Seriously bummed that Jeff ended up in 3rd after leading most of the race, I was really hoping he'd finally get a win. There is always next week.