WAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! I got an owie!!!!


Had a blood draw this morning for my levels, normally it usually isn't bad, even tho we have to get the blood from the back of my hand, but this morning it hurt like a son of a bitch!

I'd had plenty of water the last couple of days, so the only thing I can think of is we managed to hit a nerve on the way in with the needle or I should have run my hands under hot water right before since my hands are so cold everything was constricted. But the blood came out fine at least. No bruise as yet, but there is a bump there, so I may see a bruise yet. I do hope the swelling goes down.

Was a fasting blood draw, so no coffee for me until after (yes I could have had coffee before, but I won't drink it unless it is adulterated to within an inch of its life with mocha), so I am on my one and only coffee for the day. Normally I have two.

I am going to have an interesting time getting thru the day with a serious lack of caffeine.

Since I had to fast for the blood draw dinner last night was fried rice with what was left of the roast beef from Sunday since that I could whip up fast. Turned out very yummy and I wish I had more leftovers to have made a bigger batch.

Oh well, maybe next time.

Did cold ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch today. Have to see about getting another buffet ham. Slicing our own sandwich ham is definitely the way to go. Hopefully we can find the ham we currently have on sale again, very tasty and wasn't that chopped and pressed ham texture most of them are, this one was definitely real ham.

Hoping the weather is decent again this next weekend, I think I will sprinkle some spinach seeds into the garden and see if I can get a nice early crop. Have to see if I still have some salad green seeds left and sprinkle those in also. I do plan on getting some tomato seedlings going, just need to figure out where I am going to put them since I really don't have the space. Figure something out.

So we got word yesterday on the furlough plan. Not as bad as I thought, but none to happy about it. I have to have 5 hours of unpaid leave to do before July 1. They did do a sliding scale, I am in the lowest tier. The highest tier have to take days of unpaid leave.

It is only 5 hours, but that is still money that I won't have to pay bills with. Fingers crossed we won't have to do this again next fiscal year.