Half way there!

Gack, what a week. Yesterday was fun (NOT!!!!!) as a power spike took out a couple transformers on campus and we ended up being the only building in the area with power. Which was fine, but the university servers went down and I could not do a whole heck of a lot since I needed to access stuff on those to get any work done. Luckily things were mostly back to normal by late afternoon (tho university email wasn't back up when I left at quittin' time) and I was able to get some things done.

Never made it out to fishing on Saturday. We couldn't find the tackle box, then the breeze was just enough to make things a bit chilly and the last thing we wanted to do was freeze out on the water. So spent the weekend puttering about.

Rained on Sunday, so spent the day putting up the tape and DVD shelving, cleaning up most of the living room and some laundry. Did lasagna for dinner. Since the stove is on the fritz again (won't cook on anything lower then medium high) I made the sauce using my little slow cooker. Have to use it more for sauces like that in the future, much more efficient then having the stove on all day.

Hubby swapped in a new hard drive on my computer, now everything runs so much better. Now that things are stable, I can hook up my graphics tablet and start playing with the new version of Inkscape. I've been holding off since I didn't want to lose anything I create if my computer puked before we backed it up again.

Finished the Belisarius series and have started the Didius Falco by Lindsey Davis. I think the library owns the entire series, so I should be good for reading material for a while now hehehehe. Oops, just double checked, we only own a few, have to see about getting them from other libraries when the time comes.

Picked up some London broil on sale at Safeway this last weekend, going to do up a batch of beef jerky soon.

I think I have some broccoli coming up, there are some little plants in the right spot, but will have to wait a little longer to make sure they are what I think they are and not weeds. The rain this last weekend gave my garden a good watering. If it weren't for the temps still hitting freezing I would set up my rain barrel. I do want to see about putting it up on a pedestal so I will get better water flow when watering plants and such that are up high.