Bye bye BBC America, Military channel, Fine Living........

We down graded our Dish yesterday to the Top 120 with local channels. It will save us some bucks, which will come in handy as the university is seriously talking furloughs to save money. I'm really going to miss the Sirius music channels since I like listening to the Broadway channel. Hubby was a little upset to discover the Military channel got axed when we downgraded as he'd just set up to get World at War, but I popped into Netflix and discovered they have the 11 disc collectors set, so those are now cued up.

The one thing I am really upset about is losing Speed channel as there were two races scheduled on it later in the year. Okay, just double checked and they are the Sprint Showdown and the All Star races, so not actual Cup races, but I hope we can find another way to watch those two.

At least we kept Discovery and TLC, along with the Food channel and Comedy Central. Not too sad about the various movie channels since we now have Netflix and can get movies when we want them and not wait to see if they show up on the Dish grid. Just wish we didn't have to keep paying for crap religious and shopping channels we don't want.

Rained/snowed yesterday, today it is nice out again. I am so not used to a February that isn't depressing and overly wet (rain or snow). Fingers crossed for an early spring, I want to really get a decent garden going this year. Need to get some seedlings going and finally get my butt in gear and get the greenhouse built. A good early spring would also mean I can finish painting the house and sealing the roof.

Starting to seriously consider a new camera, mine is just getting a bit old. I'm thinking of the Canon Powershot G11, so will have to seriously try and save up for one, but that will be a while. The HP camera with picked up for hubby thru the local police auction takes pretty good pics, tho the display on it is screwed up. I may trade him for mine for a while and see what I can do with it. Need to keep an eye on the auction site to see if anymore police auctions come up (hmmmmm, need to see if the sheriff's department has them at all).