So we finally get back into the pool routine (tho we didn't make it Wednesday as hubby had a client) and yesterday we get an email saying the pool would be closing from Feb 12 - Apr 20 for repairs and remodel.


Okay, we've known since we started going they were going to be doing this, it was just a matter of when. One thing they had been thinking was over the Christmas holidays, then this summer. Now it is in a couple of weeks. They really do need it, there are tiles int he bottom of the pool being held in place by aqua fitness ankle weights, the locker rooms are way too small and only have 1 shower each and the spa is always breaking down.

But why now........whimper.........

Oh well, will have to figure out something. There is talk of them working out an arraignment with another facility with a pool for classes, that would be nice. There is an info meeting on the 4th that hubby can go to to see what is going on. Hopefully something can be arraigned. They will have some low impact land classes hubby could try out in the meantime.

Looking forward to a nice quiet weekend. Got someone interested in taking the hide-a-bed mattress, so with luck that will be gone tomorrow. Got an idea for turning an old coffee table into a padded bench for seating in the living room, so will see about hauling it out of the shed and see what I can do with it. Need to do a bit of moving things around, I have one little book case next to the front door I want to move over to where the couch used to sit, if I double and triple up the books on the shelves I can get a lot onto it. It will do until I come up with a design for a new book case.