If I get thru today, I will have survived this week.

Students are back, school started on Wednesday and we've been busy. I am so looking forward to a 3 day weekend.

The coven is having its annual fancy sit down dinner this weekend, I still have to decide what to take. We decided to scale back a bit from what we did last year as we were full by the 3rd course and we had several courses. Most of the courses are already spoken for, so probably will look at something appetizer-ish that is light. I have some canned red tuna I can probably do something with.

We'll be working on the new entertainment center this weekend, I've got an image of what it will look like after re-purposing the futon.

Very happy being back on Dish, for all the equipment problems we have with the DVRs. I really tried to give Time-Warner a chance, but clunky interfaces and lack of support really didn't help. They didn't even ask hubby why we were canceling service that wasn't even a week old when he took the unit back. But we are back on Dish and when I record Say Yes to the Dress on TLC-HD, it is Say Yes to the Dress, not some stupid show on Bravo. Still wish they would upgrade us to the more reliable DVRs without having to shell out a ton of money.

Still very happy with the cable service, sooooooo much better then what we were getting with Verizon.