Back to normal, more or less

Back to work and the normal routine. 7 am was WAYYYYYYYY to early this morning, even tho I'd gone to bed at 9 pm last night.

So the tree came down on the 1st. I'd planned on leaving it up a bit longer, but our gaming plans fell thru on Friday and the tinsel was interfering with the signal on the wireless keyboard and the media computer. Took it down slowly, so I could enjoy the lights for as long as possible. Still need to put the decoration bins back in the closet.

Had planned on doing some baking this weekend, banana bread in specific, but I was too blah to do much of anything. Did get a lot of movie and old TV series watching in on Netflix. Watched some "All creatures great and small" and an episode of "Campion" which hubby had never seen. Watched Terry Jones' "Medieval Lives", which was very interesting and quite entertaining. Very educational too LOL. We've got a serious line up of movies and shows on both streaming and DVD.

Currently without broadcast TV. We ditched the Dish last week, hence the reliance on Netflix, tho we had quite a bit on the DVR. We'll be getting Time-Warner cable with DSL on Thursday (maybe, at least the DSL). We'd finally gotten fed up with the piss poor quality of the Dish DVR receiver which kept hard locking on us. Reviews of it online are universally bad, seems Dish would prefer to give you a crappy one and then try and get you to get the $400 next model up. Sorry, won't go for it. So we'll see how Time-Warner goes, at least we can get Northwest Cable News and local weather on the Weather channel. We can always drop the cable portion if need be.

With T-M DSL we will be getting 10 mgs of thru put, which is $10 more for the maybe, if we are lucky, 3 mgs from Verizon. Which has been crapping out on us every few days and they say they fix it, just in time for the thru put to crap out again.

Fingers crossed the pool is open tonight, I haven't been in 3 weeks and really feeling it. The knees have not been happy and it will be nice to get back in the water (not too mention into the spa LOL).

Picked up some chicken breasts and leg quarters for 98 cents a lb at Safeway yesterday. Haven't repackaged any of it yet, so dinner tonight is mostly figured out. Not quite sure which pieces I will cook, but will look at rice as a side. Been so blah in regards to cooking this last week I need to try and get back into the mood. I did make up some burgers last night and froze a number of patties for easy dinners or lunches. We'd scored some really decent sliced roast beast for 98 cents a lb at Winco right after Christmas, so I have that all repackaged and int he freezer for sandwiches and such. So I do have a bit organized food-wise.