And I didn't kill him!!!!!!!

So we had a very nice weekend, got the futon re-purposed into a new entertainment center yesterday. The TV sits a bit higher then before, but not too badly, the components all sit on the shelve right underneath, no stacking. There will be a room under all that for the computer to sit and we can look are some kind of storage bins for things. Plus the 3rd heat vent is now uncovered.

We managed to get the thing built without killing each other, tho I came close LOL. Finally figured that part of it was we hadn't eaten yet and only had a couple cups of coffee at that point. Several times I did have to back off when he wanted to try something, usually something that there was no way would work, but he had to figure it out himself. I did all the measuring as his curse is still very active, tho once it was measured I let him cut, his curse held off at that point.

When all was said and done, it turned out pretty nice, we did it together, he did have some good ideas that saved time and cutting on part of it and it was only 1 inch too long when we got done (that was my fault, I'd forgotten to take into account a couple pieces we were using). The really scary part tho was the darned thing was level when we got done! That NEVER happens, there is ALWAYS something off bubble when we get done.

Sunday we had the formal sit down dinner, very nice and yummy food and great company. I did an appetizer of canned red salmon I seasoned with a bit of lemon juice and Penzey's Mural of Flavor seasoning and served on crackers, both regular and gluten-free. Totally delish. Sorry, no pics, was too busy eating and enjoying the company to grab the camera (not too mention SEVERAL glasses of wine LOL).

Saturday was spent waiting for the person who said they would take the hide-a-bed mattress I put on latahfreeexchange. They never showed. I dropped them an email saying it would be on the front porch with their name wrapped in plastic, but never heard back. I guess if it is still there when I get home it gets re-listed. I hate people who say they will take something and then never come get it.

The weather this weekend wasn't bad. Saturday was drizzly, Sunday was okay and yesterday we turned off the heat and opened up the front door. I was seriously tempted to unsealing and opening some windows, but decided not to. We did get plenty of fresh air thru the front door and I was popping out to the deck frequently. Hard to believe it is the middle of January. I'm liking no snow (at least in my yard, tho I seriously hope there is plenty in the mountains for the snow pack), but it being so warm is a little un-nerving, I'm used to it being cold. Oh well, should reflect nicely on this month's electric bill.