Sunny Monday

And a cold one.


Fairly low key weekend. Rit on Saturday was good, tho I don't think anyone had a whole heck of a lot of energy. The weather was too windy to have the bonfire, so we made do with a small fire in the little burn pit. But it was good people and good food and a good rit, so all was good :D

I'd reset the bedroom clock before leaving for rit on Saturday, so I didn't have to futz with it when I got home or try and remember Sunday morning. Most everything else in the house changes automatically with the except of the battery clock in the living room, the thermostat and the timers I have for the fish tank and morning light in the bedroom. I don't bother with the clocks on the coffee pot of microwave anymore.

Sliced up some sweet onions and put part in the freezer and part in the dehydrator. Need to pick up more. Got about 10 lbs of assorted tomatoes from a friend last night. So I need to get those processed as dried or cooked. I'll get the ones I want to dry going tonight after swimming. I'll be getting more from her as they finish ripening in her basement. I did bring one to slice up or my toasted cheese sammie for lunch.

Got about 10 lbs of delicata squash from another friend. I've never had it, so will slice one tonight and bake it with a little butter and see how they taste and then look for recipes to do the rest with.