MMMMMMM! Pizza!!!!

Actually there is no pizza, the house smells like pizza tho as I have a couple of trays of tomatoes dehydrating and there is a lovely tomato-ie smell wafting from the kitchen.

Last night the house smelled of the pork roast I scored Tuesday for 98 cents a lb from the crock pot. I shredded some and we had shredded pork sammies on cheddar rolls with cheese for dinner after the pool. Since I had bought an almost 9lb roast, we have plenty of leftovers. Lunch today is a pork sandwich with cheese and some of the roasted in olive oil tomatoes I did the other night.

Shredded pork sandwich with cheese and oven roasted tomatoes

The pool was nice, tho the spa was broken again, so no pre and post hot tubbing, serious bummer. I was looking forward to some soaking last night. Ah well, hopefully they will be able to get it fixed soon. Still working on trying to get a Friday 6:30pm class, they are going to look into it once the remodel gets underway.
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