I live, I think or Day of the Zombie circ clerk!

So back to work wishing I'd taken the whole week off, but then again, I HAD to get out of the house.

Sore throat went away yesterday and today it is just a residual cough, runny nose and sneezing. I don't feel like falling down when I move, so I guess I am doing much better.

Didn't get the pies done yesterday, but I did get the mashed potatoes and candied yams done and in the freezer. I can probably get the pies done either tonight or tomorrow night.

Scored actual Idaho potatoes:

Idaho potatoes

Usually we only get Washington grown potatoes this side of the border, so it was a real surprise to see these.

Made the lamb roast yesterday, totally YUM!!!!! I unrolled it, seasoned it with salt, pepper and minced garlic, rolled it up again and put it back in the netting and then more salt, pepper and garlic along with lemon juice and olive oil. Slow roasted it until it was almost done and let it rest and finish coming up to temp. Sliced it and served it with some of the mashed potatoes and Keister Sauce:

Lamb shoulder roast

I was so anxious to dig in I forgot to grab the camera while everything looked pretty hehehehehehehe We still have some of it and I'll look at doing something with it tonight. I got lots of juice off it and will see about making some gravy with it, maybe come up with some kind of shepherds pie. I've plenty of mashed potatoes I can do that with.

A bit of snow yesterday:

11-22-09 snow

I think we got about an inch or so. Was pretty windy so we didn't get a lot of build up. Rum Tum of course was a happy camper. We finished sealing in the one kitchen window and the office window, noticeable difference in the temps in both rooms.

Since I am still a bit under the weather I will skip the pool tonight. No sense in pushing things. They are closed on Wednesday anyways, so a week off is not biggie.