And still no snow. They are predicting it, giving it an 80% chance of it. I'm holding out for the 20% that it doesn't snow. I saw enough of it last spring I can wait to see it for as long as possible.

Did nachos grande for dinner last night, got some leftovers for lunch today. Should have packed some sour cream to go with it, oh well. Not sure what we'll do for dinner, got plenty of stuff to cobble together something.

Planning on some shopping this weekend sometime. Need to hit Costco to pick up a few things, like cat food so we have plenty on hand.

Speaking of cat food, the neighbor's cats turned their nose up tot he bag we gave them, so they took it tot he food bank, so hopefully someone's kitties will like it and it doesn't go to waste.

Plans are on for keister sauce making on Sunday, so need to get things straightened up for that. While the kitchen is MY domain, when hubby and B get to work, I stay out of there. I think that may be a good time to work on more designs for my shop. I have those photos I'd submitted to that one online photo contest and several will do quite nicely on some of the products. I've also a long list of slogans and such I need to do text designs with.