Low last night was 17F and it had been a bit colder the night before. It's too darned early for this kind of cold! I'M NOT READY!!!!! At least it is supposed to warm up this week.

Since the front door still is drafting cold like crazy (we are getting someone in to look at it and see if they can either unwarp it or figure out a better way to stop the drafts (I've weather stripped it to heck and back and it still leaks cold air), we put a large piece of Reflectix over it last night, stapled it down and taped the edges. It means once that is done, we aren't opening the door for anything until morning, so kitties have to be in before we can seal up. At least it was better in the living room this morning.

Got a big batch of split pea soup done. Picked up the ham hocks on the way home on Friday. The package had 5 in it and I used two. The other 3 are stashed in the freezer for future use. I packaged up some for a couple friends to share it with and we still have some left for soup for dinner this week.

Made a double batch of pita bread, so that will be good for dinners this week. Will look at a big batch of lentil soup in a day or two. I've enough room in the freezer to stash some there. I still have some bean soup in there for a couple meals in the next week or two.

Ran a few errands on Saturday and got a few more things stored out in the shed. Way too cold to even think about painting. Maybe this weekend, tho I did get the paint stored back out in the shed. Still need to get the boats tucked away for the winter.

Didn't get a whole heck of a lot else done this weekend. Yesterday I kind of puttered and did laundry, but we mostly watched TV and the race. We are upgrading the DISH to HD and a new DVR, so we have to try and watch as much of what we recorded as possible since we are getting the new receiver tomorrow. We'll lose a few shows, but we can either get them on Netflix (older stuff), repeats or watch them via Hulu or on the channel site (I love channels that get smart and either have multiple repeats or stream them afterwards on the web).

Speaking of Netflix, hubby got the hooking one computer up to the TV worked out so we can now watch Netflix instant play on the TV. So now I can watch previous seasons of Dexter and True Blood and other shows. YAY!!!!!!!!! That will also be great for when we watch streaming video on various sites. I don't like watching TV shows on the computer, esp since I like to consult sites like the IMDb while watching them to look up actors and such. So having it stream into the TV is so much better.

Of course we ended up using my Windoze machine, so now I've just my Linux machine for doing all my stuff on. Luckily they are FINALLY comping out with video editing software for Linux, so now I don't have to pop back and forth between machines when I am working.
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