Ticking along

Had a fairly low key weekend and a busy couple of days for the week. Weather on Saturday was great, just wish I had had the energy to finish painting. We would have loved to have finished the roof, but the ladder we borrowed had gone back to its owner and he was out of town.

Oh well, we still may have some nice weather sometime I can finish. If not, next spring.

We are really loving the HD TV, esp the races and movies. We've decided we really don't need the networks in HD, well maybe Fox, at least for now. Since we have so little HD record storage we are going to be picky at what we record in HD. We still want to check out Bones and House before deciding whether or not to keep Fox in HD. Things like the races and such we can set to record on the HD version of the channel and everything else on regular.

Decided on pizza and cheesy bread from Papa Murphy's for dinner last night. So it was a pizza and Man from UNCLE night and then early bed. Leftover pizza for lunch today.

Hubby has been going to the pool at the Gritman Therapy center, got the paper work and I'll be looking at going a couple evenings after work for aqua fitness class. My knees will be happier for it. I would like to go 3 days a week, but I would have to leave work early. I'll look at re-arranging my schedule next semester to do it.

Picked up a couple pounds of sweet onions. Will look at slicing them on the rotary slicer and dehydrating them for storage. I'll look at getting some more to chop and freeze. Need to see if anyone still has tomatoes I can roast and freeze and maybe dry. Since I didn't get any of my own this year (the two Moscovichs were pretty small, so I am precessing them for the seeds to plant next year) I need to trade for or buy some. I do have friends who had a late season, but have to see what they might have left.

Still working on stuff for Purple Ducky Designs. Currently putting together a calendar featuring photos of Moscow and the Palouse. Still need to find a couple photos to finish it. I had hoped to have gotten some really good fall leaves photos to put in, but the cold snap a couple weeks ago really dulled the colors and there isn't a whole lot of nice colors. I'll have to go thru my photo archives and see if I have anything I can use I took int he last couple of years. I know I have some, but the photo sizes may be too small to use int he calendar. We'll see.

Need to get started on turning Ms Ella into a zombie, still planning on attending the Zombie Walk. We did pick up a nice folding garden cart at the Tristate Dutch Auction this last weekend, so I won't have to use the luggage cart or borrow a wagon when I take her out and about.
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