HOORAY!! HOORAY!!! It's Friday!!!!!!!!

And it is going to be a cold weekend. Very much doubt I will get any painting done. I think painting is over for the year, tho i would like to get the south side finished.

Oh well, at least I got a good start. I do need to finish putting things out in the shed for the winter and get the porch organized.

Definitely going to see about getting some soup going this weekend. It is such a pity I had to toss all those ham bones after the great Thaw, but I may look at picking up some ham hocks from Winco and using those. A couple smoked ones would make for some yummy split pea soup. I've got just about everything else I need to make some.

Kitties are not so cranky about not getting to go out at night, tho Scrapper still scratches at the one kitchen window for about 10 minutes before he gives up. But it is too cold for them now.

Besides, I don't want them bringing anymore fuzzy toys in to play with. I still haven't gotten all the feathers from the feathery toy someone dispatched under the futon cleaned up.
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