Finally succumbed to something

Ended up out sick from work Wednesday and Thursday. Back today, I'm fine as long as I take it easy. Poor hubby is down with what ever it is. Not the flu thank goodness, but what ever it is, it is a pain. Started feeling like crap late Tuesday, woke up with a slight fever and the start of a cough on Wednesday morning. So decided to stay home. Slept a lot and short circuited the cough before it really got started.

Got up Thursday, was feeling not too bad as long as I didn't move. Started moving and ick! So stayed home and rested more.

Since hubby is not feeling well I have the car today. Didn't luck out on getting a close street spot to park, maybe when I get back from lunch.

Weather has definitely taken a turn for the colder. We turned the furnace back on the other day and we'll pull this bedroom AC first chance we get. Have to pull the backdoor and window inserts out of te shed so we have room to put the AC in. Kitties are NOT happy about being locked in at night, but it is too cold now to have the kitty window open.

No major plans for the weekend. If the weather is decent enough on Sunday will look at more painting on the south side. Otherwise we have the first 2 seasons of Red Dwarf and 3 episodes of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to watch (I really, really love Netflix!). I'll see what I can cook up, I am thinking about finally getting some chick peas soaked and maybe look at a crock pot of soup. I still have some turkey stock that survived the Great Thaw, so we'll see.

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