Time keeps ticking along

So I didn't get a whole heck of a lot done this weekend. I thought about painting on Sunday, just never got around to it.

Yesterday started off with a not welcome visitor. Seems Rum Tum decided he really HAD to bring his latest live toy in to the house to play with. Bad enough he brings in mice, this time he managed to nab a bird.


We tried to ignore it as long as we could as this was at 5am. Eventually, after using the hubby's head as a launching pad to the head board a couple of time, bird and cat left the bedroom (I am assuming as the action ended shortly thereafter). A bit before 7 am we heard the flutter of wings and finally got up. At first I thought it was a bat, until I got my glasses on, more light and a closer look of the critter perched on the rope light. It was a finch and that finch was very fast.

So we work on trying to catch it after shutting the door and making sure there were no 4 legged furry helpers in the room. We eventually had to pull the AC unit out of the window (hubby tried to pull the board on top off, but I'd screwed it on from the outside using galvanized strips). After 20 minutes we finally got the birdie herded to the open window and out he went.


At least it wasn't a bat.

I did get some pictures posted to the contest. Digital Camera magazine is having the contest. So far I have entries in 7 of the categories. I have until Sept 30th to add more photos. I do want to get some photos of Ms Ella all fashioned up entered into the Fashion category.

Had to re-upload most of my photos as I'd totally spaced on the size requirements and uploaded the originals and not ones re-sized smaller. Lost votes and comments on a couple of them (waaahhhhh!!!!). Oh well, learn me to pay attention to what I am doing when I am brain dead.

I did get some burger processed into packages and cooked some up for burritos. I made a batch of refritos and mixed the ground beef into it and then made burritos for lunches this week. The beef and bean mixture turned out pretty good. I still have a few more burritos to put together and send some of them off with hubby to the shop so he has lunches handy. Still need to process the rest of the ground beef into burger patties.

Finished "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies". Great book, tho as mentioned a little hard to get thru as I am so not used to that style of writing. There is a movie in the works, looks like it is still in pre-production and has a 2011 date. Can't wait to get my hands on Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.

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