Not only is it Friday, I harvested my first ever potatoes last night!!!!

My harvest

Cleaned up goodness

These are the ones I grew in the garbage can:

Potato bin

Granted I didn't get many, but I proved the concept and next year I will know better what I am doing. I plan on at least 3 more bins and a couple more varieties of potato. The ones I grew this year are:

Yukon Gold

Yukon Gold

and Red Norland

Red Norland

I tossed the smaller ones in with the roast I did last night. The two largest ones will be for another meal:


They were very yummy.

Speaking of yummy, look what I got in the mail yesterday:

Chana Masala spice

Thanks Dame Janus!!!! I can't wait to try it this weekend.

Chana Masala spice

I'll soak up a big batch of chick peas as I also want to make some falafel so I can make patties to take for lunches next week.

Not sure I will do any painting this weekend. Have to see how things go. I would like to try and get some fishing is at some point if hubby is feeling up for it. If not, then paint I will. Would be nice to have the green completely gone.
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