Serious pain, again

Got more of the house painted yesterday. Took the faux shutters off and got going:

The front before



Finally got the north side finished:


Still have about half of the south side to finish, I was going to try and get it done yesterday, but I hit my limit of up and down ladders and having to stop to spray yellow jacket nests and decided it will be another weekend. Still haven't decided on what color to paint the trim.

Didn't get a whole heck of a lot done the rest of the weekend. Mostly a bit of shopping, some puttering about and lots and lots of naps.

Added more photos for the photo contest. Still have a few ideas to shoot so I can add to a couple of the other catagories.

Thought I was going to get a new camera this weekend, we found a nice Nikon down at Costco, but decided to wait and check out reviews. Glad I did, reviews on it were not good. So will keep looking. I'm still leaning towards a Canon Powershot G10 unless something else gets my attention.
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