The week is finally winding down. It has been BUSY!!!!!!! LOTS of profs waiting until the last minute to get stuff put on for class reserve. Luckily it wasn't as bad as it has been in the past, but I do wish they would try and bring stuff in with more lead time before classes start.

So tomorrow will be my first Friday at work in a while. Definitely going to miss it. Oh well, there will be next summer for short work weeks.

Hope to finish the painting on the trailer this weekend. Our friend took his ladder back as he needs it for work, so hopefully I can get it back on Saturday to finish at least the one side and the front. The portion on the porch will be easy at least.

Sales at Purple Ducky Political are starting to pick up. With luck sales there will match my sales at Purple Ducky Designs and both shops start selling more. I've been getting lots of traffic, so at least they are being seen.

Picked my first cherry tomatoes yesterday and there are more coming on. My one Moscovich tomato has some small tomatoes on. I hope the weather stays nice enough so they grow and ripen. I will probably have to build a small greenhouse around then in a few weeks if the weather turns. I've plenty of window panels that should be no problem.

I'll look at pulling my potato bin up. Most of the tops of the potatoes have been either eaten by something or have shriveled and died. I should have some to harvest and I can't wait.

Our property owner had new roofs put on the storage sheds. New plywood and some nice metal sheets. Tho the wavy pattern on the metal makes for good yellow jacket hidey holes, so I will go in with some expanding foam spray and seal the ends. I'll also be painting the shed to match the trailer. I never did get the back side painted as when I painted the rest of it I had my garden in and didn't want to crunch my plants. But since I only have the potato bin there at the moment, will get a chance to paint once the bin is moved.

Speaking of potatoes, made home made mashed potatoes last night. I still had some potatoes we'd picked up for the home made potato chip experiment and I wanted to nuke up a package of turkey slices in gravy. One of those family entrees from the freezer section. We usually have several of the turkey and the salisbury steaks on hand for quick easy dinners. Just pop in the microwave or oven and add a side and we are good to go. I heated up two of them so I have turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes for lunch today.

Currently reading "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies". I HIGHLY recommend this book, I am enjoying it immensely. I've never read the original book by Jane Austen, so I had a little problem with the writing style, but once I got into it I find it very easy and enjoyable reading. Hubby tried to read it, but the writing style and the number of characters to keep track of made it difficult reading for him.

Also been going thru my photos. There is an online digital photography contest sponsored by a photography magazine that I am going to enter some of my photos. More on that once I get them submitted. In the meantime I have a couple photos I'll be entering into the county fair and I need to get dry mount and mats for those.

Busy, busy, busy LOL!
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