Summer's almost over WAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Only two more Fridays off before school starts again and I go back to a 5 day work week. It has been so nice having 3 day weekends, even tho I haven't gotten everything I needed done done.

Still need to paint the trailer. I think I am going to say the heck with waiting to rent a power washer and just hose the place down as best as I can and just start painting. If I wait until we can rent a sprayer, it will be next year before I will get to paint and I am really getting sick and tired of avocado green.

Got a bit of puttering about this weekend done. Got the bathroom rack moved and installed over the tub and more cleaning done. As mentioned in the previous post I got a number of designs done and posted to my Zazzle shop. I did have to take one down this morning when I realized I'd misspelled assault. I'll fix it tonight and get the products reposted.

Really enjoyed the rain on Friday, my rain barrel is full again and I didn't need to water anything this weekend.

Finally took care of my pizza craving, ended up picking up a couple of Totino's frozen pizzas when we went grocery shopping on Saturday and we had those for lunch. Dinner was provolone and sauteed onions and mushroom burgers with homemade potato chips. Made up a bunch of patties for the freezer and I froze the 3 cooked leftover patties with cheese so we can have easy lunches this week.

Decided it was cool Sunday enough to actually fire up the oven during the day, so I thawed a rib roast, covered it with coarse ground Dijon mustard with horseradish and slow roasted it. Served it with garlic and olive oil roasted potatoes, steamed green beans and arugula salad (the beans and salad came from Raven Croft Farm, totally delish!):

Standing rib roast, potatos, green beans and arugula

Kind of bummed the race got rained out. Set up the DVR to record it today, so hopefully I will have a race to watch tonight.

Kitty cats went into overdrive with the mice this weekend. Luckily most of them were dead when they brought them in, tho I think there are at least two still alive and running around. Silly cats, SIGH!!!!