Okay, Alaska is REALLY sounding good.

I just don't think I can deal with the winters, but this heat is really getting to me. It was 104F in the shade according to our thermometer on Saturday.

Friday I attempted to get some outside work done, but it was too hot, so I retreated to the bedroom with the AC and my laptop. Watched the rest of the True Blood season 1 episodes we had on the DVR. For some reason we didn't get the last couple, so had to find synopsis's so I could at least figure out what was happening in the couple season 2 epis I watched. I'm really enjoying it. Have season 1 on the Netflix list so I can see that last couple episodes.

The hubby got my graphics tablet software on my laptop. Since I broke the DVD player when I dropped it, I can't load discs on it. So we had to sneaker net it. It is nice to have the tablet hooked up to my laptop. I hate using the touch pad on it and using the pen works so much better. It works WAY better then the mini mouse I have for it.

Saturday I worked a bit in the rest of the house before it got too hot. We did pop out Sat eve for some grocery shopping. I was WAY too hot to cook. Picked up an already cooked picnic ham and some Cojack cheese and cubed some of it for salads.

While holed up in the bedroom on Saturday I did a bit of straightening up and worked on web pages. Revamped the Purple Ducky Designs portal. Still needs tweaking, but it is starting to look the way I want it.

Sunday we didn't even bother trying to do anything in the rest of the house. We came out of the bedroom long enough to grab food and liquid, feed the cats and fish, toss some laundry into the wash and dryer and look for the occasional item we needed. The picnic ham came in handy for ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch on Sunday. It wasn't quite as hot on Sunday as it was on Saturday, but hot enough.

Got more cleaning and organizing done in the bedroom. Trying to keep the rest of the house up usually means the bedroom gets ignored a lot. Moved the stand lamp out. It is a cool black and hot pink lamp, but was getting crowded in the space I had it in since we'd moved in more storage and the poor thing was getting bent. I put the shade on the one living room lamp the shade had broken on and will look at re-purposing the rest of the lamp. The lamp was the one we used as a wake up lamp (had it on a timer), so I plugged in the fluorescent lamp we have hanging just to give extra light when we need it (two long tubes, it REALLY lights up the room) into the timer. Have to see about putting daylight bulbs in, the regular ones are really rude at 6 in the morning.

Can't wait for the cool weather this weekend. It was too hot to even think about going fishing this weekend.

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