Almost there

A lovely, cool, drizzly morning. Which is good as I forgot to water my tomatoes last night. We were both seriously fried, so we hit Winco, grabbed a chicken picnic dinner and hid out in the bedroom eating chicken and chocolate covered peanuts and raisins and watched Pawn Stars. We are loving this show, tho I think someone needs to slap Corey upside the head the head a few times.

Tried watching Police Women of Broward County, but deleted it within 10 minutes. Luckily we had lots of other stuff to watch, John Stewart, The Colbert Report and Warehouse 13.

Been getting a lot of reading in. Currently working on Christopher Moore. He's a very funny writer.

Speaking of funny writers, I want everyone to run, not walk to their nearest independent book store and pick up Joan Opyr's books "Idaho Code" and "From Hell to Breakfast". If you can't get to a bookstore you can order them from Powell's Books or My hubby loves them and he isn't a mystery fan and not much into love stories. Set in Cowslip Idaho, these are very funny books and it is fun trying to figure out who the people are in real life and those who know Moscow will recognize a number of familiar places, tho some details have been changed to protect the author LOL.

Ms Ella Phant now has a Facebook fan page and I've been working on a Squidoo lens for her. Poor Ms Ella has been house bound this summer, so she will be attending Palouse Pride this weekend. We'll make sure there are lots of pics taken of her enjoying being out and about. Weather should be cool enough all and sundry should be comfortable.

Looking forward to seeing District 9. The buzz and previews are such this is one we want to see in the theatre, so budget willing, we'll see about heading to the Eastside to see it.

PS: Congrats to Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog for winning a Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.