AAHHHHHHH!!!!! Blessed coolness

Had a bit of a thunderstorm last night, tho it didn't drop as much rain as we would have liked. My rain barrel is still awfully empty.

It did bring in cooler temps tho. This morning was really nice when we left the house. They are predicting 30% chance of t-storms this afternoon and a bit of rain tomorrow and cooler temps for the next week. I can handle 80s. Poor hubby had a touch of heat exhaustion yesterday.

Popped out to a friends place yesterday after work to take some pics of an art project she is entering into a contest for recycled art. The organizers wanted pics of it for advertising the contest, so with luck I will get a picture credit on whatever they use them on. Getting my stuff seen will go a long ways to making my photography a money making proposition and if I can manage to start making some decent money from my pics in other ways other then my Zazzle shop I would be very happy.

Speaking of getting my stuff seen, I am going to enter a couple photos into this years county fair. So I need to figure out which ones and then get them printed (got photo paper) and mounted and matted. I will kinda be at a disadvantage tho, since I've been selling my stuff on Zazzle, that kinda makes me a professional, so I will be going up against real professionals with better equipment then I do. But at least I will be getting my stuff out there. Who knows, maybe the underdog will win LOL!

Been doing LOTS of cold dinners. That cooked picnic ham has been the center piece for several dinners. Did ham and cheese sammies the last two nights. I really, really want pizza. Getting tired of sandwiches LOL. The sandwiches have been good, but I am really wanting something substantial for dinner for a change.

Lunches have been either ham and cheese sammies or the refrito burritos I made. I've decided the next batch of refritos will get simmered at least an extra 45 minutes. This last batch I cooked for the time the recipe called for, and while tasty, the texture isn't as creamy as the first batch I did and accidentally cooked them too long. So next time. I'll also see about adding either a bit of Tabasco or red pepper flakes to heat it up a tad. And more garlic and see about a heartier cheese, a medium cheddar or sharp if I can afford it. Maybe even see about picking up some Mexican cheese.
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