Made it thru the weekend

Tho it didn't go off as planned. Friday was fine, tho too hot to cook dinner that night, so we opted for salads. Hit Winco for bagged lettuce, criminis, an avocado and salad dressing. Went home and pulled out some surimi (fake crab) from the freezer to thaw and when it cooled down enough to think of eating. I assembled salads:

My salad

Hubby's salad

For my salad I diced up the avocado and hubby got green peppers. The criminis were a great idea and the medium cheddar cheese went well with everything. Topped off with creamy ranch dressing and dinner was good.

Saturday we'd planned on fishing and then going to a friend's for the evening. Hubby wasn't feeling well, so those plans changed to hiding out in the bedroom with the AC and watching the telly for the day. I did get to catch a bit of the Boston Pop's 4th of July programming, so I got to see some fireworks.

I made up a batch of veggie filling for some pot stickers, so we sat and watched last weeks race and made pot stickers. I've the ingredients for pork pot stickers, so will make those this week.

Fishing on Sunday went by the wayside as hubby was still not feeling up to snuff and the weather was iffy. Personally I think it would be LOTS of fun to be in the middle of Spring Valley Reservoir in a little aluminum boat if a thunder storm rolled in LOL. The storm finally arrived later in the day, tho it was a bit disappointing. Did get quite a bit of rain this morning tho, with luck enough to fill my rain barrel, which was getting pretty low.

So pretty much spent Sunday working on my computer, a little bit of web page work and backing up my machine as hubby is going to switch me from Fedora to Ubuntu Studio.

Need to start researching cameras, my poor little Nikon is beginning to have problems. When I shut it off, it throws a lens error and I have to pop the battery to make it go away. Hubby went after it with the compressor to blow it clean around the lens but that only helped a little bit. Friday it didn't want to start up properly. Took a while to get it to work. SO time to start saving up for a more professional model. I'm thinking Cannon this time around as Nikon using Ashton Kutcher to push their cameras is very annoying.
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