I want to go back to sleep! Got to bed late, wasn't tired. Had a heck of a time falling a sleep and then couldn't stay asleep. So needless to say, I want a nap! Had a cup of coffee this morning and it didn't help at all.

Had a decent weekend. Mostly puttered. Finally got the rest of the hallway carpeting pulled out. It was cool enough yesterday to do it. Had to partly unload the one hall book case to move it and once the carpet was up, spend time pulling staples out of the floor and taking up the tack strips. The linoleum underneath was in decent condition, tho in severe need of mopping.

Also working a bit in the bathroom. Needed to re-caulk around the top of the tub and replace the stripping that makes it look nicer. Also getting rid of the pole shower caddy. It is a pain and we'll mount a shelf unit at the back end of the tub to hold everything. Will be spending time cleaning all the hard water stains and gunk of the tub as it is pretty dingy looking. I think we'll try lightly sanding to see if that works before committing chemical warfare.

Neighbors gave us some pieces of linoleum they'd gotten via latahfreeexchange (local freecycle group) they didn't need for their home project. So sometime in the next month or two we'll be laying that down in the bathroom. We'll pull up the toilet and then dry jigsaw the pieces into place and cut to fit before gluing it down.

At this rate of home improvement I might actually get around to knocking the wall out between the front hall closet and pantry to make one big pantry. But not until after I get the house painted on the outside.

We went to Tam's Place for breakfast/lunch yesterday. I decided we needed to dress up a bit, so I wore a skirt and nice top and hubby wore slacks and a nice shirt. One thing I love about Tam's is they leave the coffee carafe on the table:

Coffee at Tam's Place

Hubby ordered the bacon cheese burger with fries and I decided on the chicken fried steak with eggs, hash browns and toast:

Chicken-fried steak

Totally delish. The chicken fried steak was crispy (tho not too crispy) and not greasy. It also held up to the sausage gravy.

Saturday night I whipped up more refritos. Not vegetarian this time, the shortening I got has meat fat in it. Didn't realize it until we'd left the store but it turned out okay. Just have to remember to get some that is all veggie oil to have that on hand.

Speaking of meat, I can eat beef and pork again with no problems that I can see or feel. So it must have just been a heat reaction as it has been a bit cooler the last few days. I'm an so glad.

Made up some burritos and sausage mcmuffins for the freezer. Need to get more flour tortillas to make more burritos with the new batch of refritos.

Got the fonts on my Linux machine sorted out. Thought we'd lost them when we switched me over to Ubuntu Studio and I couldn't find my fonts disc, but we just needed to re-initialize the fonts. So I spent some time on Friday running up some text designs for my shops. Still need to finish uploading some and getting them on to products.

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