Friday AHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Popped down to Clarkston to drop a friend off this morning, so while we were there, finally checked out a little place we'd been driving past for years and kept saying we needed to check it out.

The Jawbone Flats Cafe on 6th St is one of those wonderful little small town mom and pop places that make life worth living. Staffed with friendly people, inhabited by the locals and home of plain, but great food it is going on our list of places to eat while in the Valley.

Jawbone Flats Cafe

Jawbone Flats Cafe

Jawbone Flats Cafe

Jawbone Flats Cafe

We stopped in a bit before 11, so I opted for breakfast (which you can get all day) and hubby went for lunch.

One of the benchmarks I use for how good a place is is the biscuits and gravy (if they have it):

Biscuits and gravy with hash browns. Full oder

I will give these a 10 thumbs up and a serious BLORP!!!!!

Everything was fresh off the griddle or oven, the gravy nice and creamy with just the right amount of pepper and the sausage bits tasty. The hash browns were not greasy and had just the right amount of crispy.

Next time I will go for a half order, I managed to finish the biscuits and gravy, but the hash browns got the better of me :D

The Spolier

This is what hubby got, the Spoiler. Opted for no lettuce. We weren't quite expecting this, so it was a wonderful surprise when it arrived.

The bacon was perfectly done, the burger was juicy, not greasy and hand formed. The fries were wonderfully crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Hubby managed to finish it all, but it was a close thing LOL.

The rest of the weekend is going to be low key. First weekend in a month with no houseguests. We'll get some fishing in, BBQ with friends and just plain kicking back and relaxing (and working on my Zazzle shop as I am a bit behind on that). Also need to work on the web page for hubby's business. He now has a physical space at an outside business, so I need to get that reflected on the page. He will be working out of TPG where he's been working with the guys on some projects. We'll still have the home office as he will still be needing that since he will still be working from home a lot.

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