And I even got to bed early.

A fairly nice weekend, got too hot to do a lot, but I did get a few things done this weekend.

We got the AC installed in the office, so hubby will stay cool. Did more painting on the boat. Sprayed on 3 layers of black:

Laid down a few coats of black

Then picked up some orange paint and I painted again on Saturday:

Tiger boat

Tiger boat

Still need to paint where the numbers are now (will do that once I get some stick on numbers) and then a clear coat over the whole thing.

Hopefully we will get it out soon and on the water, I am really needing to catch some fish. We'd hoped to go out yesterday, but hubby wasn't feeling too well.

When we picked up the paint at Tristate we also picked up a brass spigot and hubby installed it on my rain barrel, so I can now hook a hose up to it to make watering the garden easier. Now we just need some rain:

Rain barrel

Still not much sprouting in my containers. I've one lone spinach in one and just a few greens in the other:


I've re-seeded the greens containers and hopefully will get some more sprouting soon. Still waiting for my bush beans to sprout:

Bush beans and tomatoes

BTW, sorry for the over exposure on the photos. Not sure what happened, but no matter what I did to fix settings, nothing came out right this weekend.

We currently have 3 months free HBO and Showtime. When hubby mentioned all the problems we were having with our receiver and set up (our unit was dying, the replacement unit arrived dead and the replacement replacement took some time setting up), they gave us the two services.

As luck would have it, HBO ran a The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency marathon. I have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wanting to see this show, but none of my friends have HBO anymore and I thought I was going to have to settle for waiting for the DVD. Nope, watched the pilot yesterday and hubby was impressed with it. I can't wait to watch the other episodes. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who loves good stories and solid scripts. There are some changes from the original books, but they in no way detract at all. I love the books and the show.
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