Mondays.......I really, really hate Mondays

This morning came entirely too early. I was so not ready for the weekend to be over. There isn't enough coffee in the world today to keep me alert, much less awake.

So I had a pretty decent weekend, tho Saturday I managed to get stung by a yellow jacket. Luckily I didn't have too much of a reaction. Kept a cotton pad soaked with witch hazel on the sting for a good chunk of the evening, so that helped. I think the farther away from my neck, the less bad reaction (as in throat closing) I get. I got stung on my left inner elbow.

I was minding my own business, adding compost to the potato bin (the potato plants had sprung up about 6 inches in the proceeding few days when I wasn't looking) and I guess I brushed up against something with the yellow jacket on it. I wish I could have killed it and get rid of one more yellow jacket, but it took off before I could do so. I need to set out some traps around the composter and see about spraying any nests that might be on the pallets.

I did get the plants covered, so I just need to check every couple of days and try and keep up with them.

Friday I puttered and got more of the house cleaned. Hubby had made a good start on Thursday so there wasn't much to do. We had company this weekend. One friend came up on Friday and left Saturday and the other came in Sunday evening and left in the wee hours this morning. Wish the visit had been longer, maybe next time.

Got more friends coming in next Friday. It is the Moscow High School class of '79 reunion. I'll tag along for some of it. I started MHS, but ended up moving to California, but I still have friends I want to see again. I won't be going to my California reunion, but those folk I am in touch with via Facebook and other places.

My mom and aunt arrive the weekend after. Busy, busy June, one of these years I am going to get out and get some fishing done.

Had my annual checkup today :P My test results were good. Thyroid right where we want it, so no change in meds there. Cholesterol good (tho the good needs to come up a few points, but now that I am more active with the knee being better, should come up no problem. The bad cholesterol is right where it should be). BP good, sugars good. So good to go for another year. Just have my thyroid follow up in 3 months.
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