Monday again

Tho it isn't a bad Monday. The hubby wasn't feeling to up to snuff this morning so I had to drive myself in. I am so spoiled, I LOVE being chauffeured in and dropped of, so when I have to drive myself I get a little bit cranky.

But today it wasn't bad. I stopped off at parking services to get a 1 day gold permit so I can park fairly close and it turns out they were upgrading their computer system, so they weren't enforcing the parking regs as they couldn't give out permits.

YAY!!!!! Saved a couple bucks. Then I found a spot on the street right in front of the law school so I was able to park even closer then usual (usually I park in the gold lot next to the law school where the first several rows are usually full).

So not a terribly bad Monday so far.

Had a good weekend. Never did make it out fishing tho. Hubby was a bit wiped by the end of the day, so we crashed on the couch and watched TV. Friday I spent puttering and working on more house cleaning. My friend Chris' brother brought over a tent trailer that we set up in our driveway so Chris and Jackie had a place to stay.

I met up with them at the Friday night reunion social at the Mix. They had gotten into the area about 5 and went to dinner in Pullman. I had Midsummer circle Friday night, so I caught up with them afterwards and they followed us home. We had a nice time getting caught up with things. Saturday they puttered off to do what they had planned and hubby and ran errands.

I had planned on doing the tour of the high school, but I was a bit tired, so instead rested and then went to the Saturday night reunion get together at the Best Western. Since I didn't opt for the dinner buffet, I wandered over to the Pantry and had a very yummy grilled portobello mushroom on a bagel with chive cream cheese:

Portobello mushroom bagel sandwich

Before and after I ran into several people I remembered and then one of my best friends. It was so good to see her again. I hadn't seen her in about 20 years. Her parents still live in town, so hopefully the next time she comes down to visit we can get together for coffee.

All in all, I had a nice time seeing people again. I just want to know when most of them got so old! LOL

My 30th for the high school I graduated from is this next fall, but I won't attend. It is in California and I'm not for up to traveling there, esp since I have no family there to stay with anymore. I will be keeping in touch with everyone possible via email and Facebook, so that will be good.

After we all got home I gave them some scans of old photos I had of Chris with their infant daughter at the Westercon in Portland OR. Their daughter was 5 months at the time and she is now 19, so she should be properly mortified with these photos LOL.

Jackie is an artist, so I showed her Zazzle. She is considering a shop so as to have more venues for selling her stuff, so once she gets set up I will be posting links as she is very good and has artwork that will sell well.

They took off early Sunday to get back to the Wet Side. I tried to get up to see them off, but I just couldn't wake up enough. We'll get a chance to see them again in August when they back over again for a few days.

Sunday was an extreme low energy day. Hoped to go fishing, but it was pissing down rain. Rain is good, I really need to get more rain barrels going as mine is now past over flowing.

So I worked on putting up a web page for the coven, Mystical Coyote Coven. Just a basic page for now, we'll be adding to it soon. What got us started back onto a web page was an article in the Snooze about a guy who is starting a circle and teaching group who, at least according to the paper, says there was no real pagan presence in the area and no information or resources.

We beg to differ.

We may not be shouting our presence from the roof tops or have signs up at the entrances of Moscow with the other religious groups, but we've been here for quite a while and if you just ask, find out about us. So we are getting the web page spruced up, our own domain name and go on from here.

Didn't feel like cooking Sunday night, we were in a grazy mood, so popped out and picked some stuff up. We got some chicken nuggets, frozen meat balls, surimi, crimini mushrooms, canned chick peas and some pita bread. Once home I made some hummus, nuked the orange sauce I made the other day, nuked the chicken nuggets and meat balls and we had a very nice dinner while watching the 1st season of Penn & Teller's Bullshit on DVD. I love Netflix!

So here is Sunday's dinner:

Orange sauce
Homemade orange sauce

Sliced Criminis and surimi
Criminis and surimi

Chicken nuggets and meatballs:
Chicken nuggets and meatballs

'shrooms, surimi, orange sauce and pita bread with hummus
'shrooms, surimi, orange sauce and pita bread with hummus

We HAVE to do this again with a variety of ethnic cuisines, not too mention making my own meat balls and stashing them in the freezer along with homemade pot sticker and such. Be cheaper in the long run.