Going to be a short work week

My mom made it over yesterday. She came out to the house for dinner last night. Since we don't have a guest room, she stays at a hotel. When we have friends visit, we put them up on the hide-a-bed in the living room. Just not right to make mom do that.

Decided on a simple dinner. Thawed out some boneless chicken thighs and cut them up. Cut up a small onion and sauteed that in olive oil with some minced garlic and then tossed in the chicken. Let that cook with the lid on the pan a while and then added some salt, turmeric, water and a can of drained chickpeas. Let that simmer while I made some jasmine rice.

Once everything was about ready, I took some greens I'd gotten from friends who run Raven Croft Farm and cut that up in slices after rolling the leave up. I popped those in to the pan and put the lid back on to let them steam. When it was ready I mixed it in to the chicken and then served it over the rice. Very yummy.

Turmeric chicken with chickpeas and greens

I do need to double check which greens they were. She told me and I forgot. All I remembered was she said we can use them like spinach. I need to get more, it was really delish in the this dish.

Pulled out a chunk of beef this morning to thaw. Not sure how I'll fix it, maybe cut it into steaks and pop them under the broiler. I still have cous cous, so will look at that as a side.

My aunt comes in on Thursday, so mom and I will drive up and pick her up. They have the 80th anniversary of their sorority this weekend, so they will have a full weekend.