Finally, finally, FINALLY!!!

Got to go fishing last night:


tackle box

Ended up not taking the boat out, hubby wasn't in the mood to futz with it, so we were able to find space on the dock near the dam.

Hubby caught 4 trout, I caught one. I also caught a bluegill, but since it was the only one, I tossed it back before we left (we have a weir to keep the fish in so they stay alive until we leave. Not to mention certain furry fish loving rodents can't get them). One little bluegill isn't worth keeping.

Our catch

Got the fish home and I had fish for dinner:

fried trout

We'd stopped off before heading home to pick up pizza at Pizza Perfection. Hubby doesn't like fish, so we needed something for him for dinner. We got their 2 for 1 take out, so I have pizza for lunch. I decided I wanted a bit more then a couple fish, so I decided on:

fried trout pizza


Okay, I didn't actually EAT the fish on the pizza (if anything dealing with the bones would be a pain eating it that way). The fish got eaten separately and I finished off with the slices. Makes a great picture tho LOL!