Almost the weekend!!!!!

And we are bound and determined to go fishing this evening. So fingers crossed we make it out. We'll fish from the dock as we still need to do a bit of work on the boat.

Added more compost to the potato bin last night. I may have to go out every day to do it the rate those plants are growing. The bin is almost 3/4 full now.

Still need to put some tomato plants into the ground. I'll get out and do that tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I've some friends coming into town for the Moscow High Class of '79 reunion. Even tho I didn't graduate from there, I want to see a lot of folks I knew when I went to school there ('75-'77), so will attend some of the reunion. My friends will be parking a tent trailer in my driveway and it will be so nice to see them again. Haven't seen them in 15-16 years or so.

Did ground pork burgers for dinner last night. Since we have limited choice of ground pork at the store decided to try my hand at grinding my own. So we got some pork loin and some spare rib briskets that had a bit of meat on it. I rough cut the loins and cut the meat off the bones of the brisket and popped it in my food processor and pulsed to.

Came out pretty nice, tho next time I'll pulse a bit longer for a finer grind. I seasoned the meat and then made patties (we finally picked up a patty maker. Actually two, different types from a couple of different manufacturers. They were $5 each so figured why not) and popped them in the oven to bake. Served them on buns and topped mine with creamy blue cheese:

Pork burger with creamy blue cheese

Very yummy. I will be interested to see how these will cook up on the grill once I get more propane for it. Can't wait to try my hand at grinding other meat, such as beef for some really nice burgers.

The creamy blue cheese is a Grocery Outlet find, I hope they have more next time I go in. Speaking of finds, found this the last couple times I was in:

Tang Horchata

Instant horchata from Tang. I hope they still have it next time, I want to seriously stock up on it. It is a pity tho that it has aspartame in it, so hubby can't have it (he and aspartame really don't get along well). Silly tho, first ingredient is sugar, so why they have aspartame in it I don't know.
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