An interesting critter week

First I find a big ol' tick on Rum Tum Tuesday morning. So I had to grab a pair of tweezers and pull it off him. It had been on him a while.


I hate ticks. So I dug out the tick stuff we had from last year and we got Pheobe and Scrapper tick-proofed on Tuesday night. Had to wait until yesterday morning to get Rum Tum as he stayed out all night.

Then we discovered George, our bristlenosed pleco up and died. He'd been acting strangely of late. We checked with our fish guy and he said plecos are nocturnal so him hiding all day is normal. Well, George always was out and about all day, happily eating algae so him going into hiding all of a sudden seemed weird. We had done a major cleaning of the tank at the same time, so we thought maybe he was pouting. He hated having things changed, but started hanging out on top of the skull again, so I thought he was okay. Then we found him stuck up against the filter not moving at all.


We'll look at getting a new George. I hope the new one will be a fun as the old one. Old George took no guff from any of the other fish and it was funny watching him chase the goldfish away from his food.

We'll take in a water sample to make sure there isn't anything wrong with it. We had a sample checked a couple for weeks ago tho and everything was fine then. So I am completely confussled as to why George died.

Then last night Phoebe went rat bat crazy. Jumping around, howling, scratching the back of her neck were we'd applied the tick stuff. I grabbed her to check and when I touched the fur there, she screamed.

Needless to say, we rushed her to the bathroom and washed her down. She was NOT a happy kitten, but once she realized the water was washing the stuff away, she calmed down a bit so I was only half soaked to my skin bathing her. We let her loose in the bedroom as soon as we dried her off and she growled and hissed at everyone and then hid under the end of the bed. This morning she was much better and purred when I lightly scritched the back of her neck and almost got snuggly (she is not a snuggly kitty).

The other kitties are having no problems. Now that I think about it, I had two different things of tick stuff left from last year. One was a regular Hartz tick stuff and the other was the Hartz Ultra Guard plus. Rum Tum and Scrapper got the Ultra Guard, Phoebe got the regular stuff. I know we didn't have problems with her and the Ultra Guard last year, so the other stuff was not good for some reason. It is strange it took 24 hours for her to really react like that.

So we will NOT use the liquid stuff on her for quite a while and instead get her a tick collar (and hope she keeps it on).

In other stuff, I AM going to get stuff planted this weekend. I am still getting designs transfered over to my Zazzle gallery, I can get quite a few done every evening. I've been getting steady traffic there, lower then my other shop, but the gallery is still fairly new and I started getting traffic a lot sooner then I had when I first started my CP shop, so that is way cool.

Soon I will be able to start working on new designs as I've put them on hold while I make the change over.