I could get seriously used to 4 day weekends

Tho I didn't get half of what I planned done. Just too hot to do most of it.

Friday we headed up to Spokane to do a bit of puttering around. Hit Torrid, they have some nice stuff that actually fit, tho most of it was way to young for me. I did get a couple of really nice tank tops with some lace on the bottom. They had them on 2 for $24 instead of the regular $24 each. Got one in purple and the other in fuchsia. We hit the Shopko in the Valley and picked up a couple of shirts fro the hubby. Had dinner at an all you can eat place called Timber Creek Grill Buffet. Not bad. They had fried catfish, fried fish, fried scallops and fried shrimp along with steamed clams and mussels. They also had roast beef, steak and ham. A pretty decent salad bar. I got the steak, right amount of rare. I've had better but this was not bad at all. One neat thing is they also had fried okra, which I love.

Spent more money all told, but it was all on things we need and it got us out of town for the day.

The rest of the weekend was low key, as I mentioned it was too hot to do a lot. I did get some puttering in the house done, almost caught up on dishes and laundry.

We did finally get started on Da Boat. We picked up a couple cans of primer and Sunday we put the boat up on a couple of saw horses and I started in on the sanding:


Time to make Da Boat look nice

It was a dusty job

Went thru a few sanding pads

Went thru a few sanding pads. After I got that done I went after some gaps in the bottom seams with some marine sealant and had to wait overnight for it to cure. Then I broke out the primer:

Next day

Took pretty much both cans and we now had a gray boat:


A couple coats of primer and soon the paint

So now I just need to get the top coat and detail paint and then a sealer and we'll be good to go. Just gotta find the right color of orange for the stripes. Here kitty, kitty hehehehehehehe

SOOOOO glad I turned the TV on when I finally stumbled out of bed yesterday, discovered the race was on. Seems it was rained out on Sunday and we hadn't check it as we were busy doing other stuff. It was on lap 74, so I hit record and we got the rest of it. Kind of a bummer they got rained out again, but at least they got enough laps in to be official and KY Busch didn't win.

We'd cleaned the gas grill the previous weekend and I finally got it back together yesterday. Hubby was worried about the hoses leaking propane, but I lit it up and there were no flames shooting out the bottom, so I grilled a London broil for dinner last night. With the summer coming on I'll be doing more cooking outside (unless we finally get that big AC unit installed and then I can actually cook in the house).

Slowly getting used to the new schedule, tho after 4 days of sleeping in til around 11am, 6am this morning was really, REALLY rude. Definitely have to get more coffee for the mornings. Tea isn't doing it at all.
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