Hump day

So my move from CP to Zazzle is almost complete and I will be shutting down my CP shop there end of the month. I still need to find the originals of some of my designs, I think they may be on my Windoze machine which has been down as the power supply was borrowed for another computer. Hubby will be putting it back in soon and I can search it for the designs.

If I can't find them I will have to recreate them, but with the new graphics tablet they will be better.

We hit the fish store on Saturday, they didn't have any bristlenosed plecos, only some commons and a clown pleco. I prefer the bristlenosed, so we opted to try out some little algae eaters. We got two and they are only about an inch long right now and there is a LOT of algae, so they have their work cut out for them. I only see one at a time and they are hid to find they are so small and blend in with the backgrounds. I hope they are up fr the job.

Nelson, my surviving gold fish isn't doing too well. He sits on the bottom of the tank and looks miserable. Not sure what is wrong with him. He does get active for a little while around feeding time and when he does move, he is very quick. Do gold fish get lonely?

While at the pet shop we picked up some calming supplements so we can see about grooming Rum Tum. Tried them on him and they seem to work enough I was able to get some mats off of him without him drawing blood. We also picked up a tick collar for Phoebe. She was NOT a happy camper as we've never had a collar on her before, but she's finally figured it is okay. It is designed to be a breakaway collar so if she gets caught up, it will snap and she can get loose.

The expected nasty freeze didn't quite happen. We hit 32F this morning, not below freezing like predicted, so I am happy. Hopefully this is the last really cold bit and I can take all the inserts out of the windows and open up the back door so the kitties have a kitty escape hatch again thru the window. With luck my garden spot will finally be dry enough this weekend I can finally get some seeds in the ground. I did get the seed potatoes into the garbage can with some soil and compost, so it will be interesting to see how this experiment works out.

Got started on cleaning up my garden work area. I need to pull everything out and organize it better and finally get the greenhouse idea going. I want to set it up so I can pull the window panels down for the summer and then put back up for fall and winter. So will need to figure out how I am going to do that.
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