Friday was the last day of school and today is the first day of my 8am-5pm work schedule.


Okay, I like having the extra hour in the evening to go fishing and whatnot, it is the having to wake up an hour early I don't like. 6am was a tad rude this morning.

Of course it was a seriously Monday Monday. I was reminded on Friday I was marked down as coming in early today. For the life of me I couldn't remember why. Nothing in any of my calender programs, couldn't find any appointment cards. Figured it had to be for the doctor, so tried calling them. They close at 12:30 on Fridays. So tried looking for info at home over the weekend.

Finally decided it had to be for a blood draw. So figured okay, I can call first thing Monday morning and ask. They don't open until 9am. SIGH! Okay, if it is for a blood draw and I made the appointment several months ago, it probably would be for around 9am. So I get there about 20 minutes til.

Turns out my blood draw was last Wednesday and this morning was a 10:30 followup.

A couple problems. No one called to remind me. The gal rather snottily informed me they don't do reminder calls because they give us the appointment cards (funny, every other practice I used to go to called to remind you, esp when you make the appointments 3 months out). I was good and didn't slap her upside her head. Another problem, it was not a follow up, it was supposed to be a full physical. So I reschedule everything. She kept trying to make it for a followup, even tho I told her twice it was for a physical. I wish the other gal had been there, I get along with her much better. So I now have my blood draw and PHYSICAL next month.

Works out, as it was too hot yesterday and I didn't get dinner done until way late, so it wouldn't have been a proper fasting blood draw. I also have my appointments listed in every calender program I've got, including the one on my cell phone and everything programmed to remind me a day ahead of time.

Speaking of dinner, did burgers and wilted greens with mushrooms last night. I actually didn't have a burger as the neighbor had an extra salmon fillet he did in foil on the grill, so I had that with my greens instead. I do have a burger patty, extra greens and some sheep's milk feta for lunch today. It is going to be so yummy!

Managed to get quite a bit done this weekend. Was still too muddy to plant in the ground, but I did get one spot hoed up to dry, I should be able to put seeds in tonight after work.

I've decided I am going to see about getting some compost from the county to make a raised bed, I still have the frame around on spot, so that will be perfect. Just have to put some plastic up against the shed to help protect the siding from the soil and water.

I did get 4 containers of bush beans planted. I just used powdered soap buckets I poked holes in the bottoms for drains. I also got a container of garlic chives going. My greens I did in planters are starting to come up. With luck I will have some for when my mom and Aunt visit next month.

My poor tomato seedlings are not doing at all well. So it looks like I will have to buy some from the nursery.

Opened up the house this weekend. Kitties are happy the back window is now open for the day so they can go in and out all they want. Still not warm enough over night to keep it open. It will be a while yet before we can do that.

Still plugging away on my Zazzle shop. I've pretty much moved everything over that I can. It looks like I will have to re-create a few designs, they weren't on my Windoze machine. Ah well, they were early designs that could use some improvement.

My latest design is a photo of ice on a window I manipulated in GIMP:


I've a few manipulated photos that make great abstract designs I'll be adding in the coming weeks.

I've been sorting thru all my photos, finding duplicates and getting rid of them so it will be easier for me to find the photos I want to use for my shop. Still have lots of good ones of Rum Tum I can add tothe ones I already offer.

Still need to work on my shop and start on the off-site shop page I want to do now that I have enough products to offer.