WOO HOO!!! Friday and a nice weekend to boot!!!!

More Susan Boyle news. Seems she'd done a song on a charity album a few years back and someone has unearthed the CD and has now posted her song to YouTube. She sings the wonderful blues standard "Cry me a river". All I can say is 'OH WOW! When is she having an album come out, I will be at the front of the line to buy it!". I wish I could sing half as good as her.

As I mentioned, it is going to be a nice weekend and I WILL be getting out in my garden and getting it prepped for this spring. My tomato seedlings are coming along nicely and I have plenty of salad green and spinach seeds to go in pots and in the ground.

I think I will open up the house a little bit to get some fresh air in. I'll pop the inserts on a couple of windows in the living room and kitchen so I can open them and then just put them back in once the sun goes down. It isn't getting so cold at night that I will need to reseal them.

Soon it will be nice enough I can haul out the compressor, paint sprayer and the paint we bought last fall on sale. We picked up about 10 gallons of mis-mixed paint in brick color so we got it cheap. I sooooooo dislike the green on the trailer and am looking forward to painting over the last vestige of 1970s green the house had. I've gotten rid of all the avocado green inside the house (if not replaced the items outright I've painted the item a different color). Now I just need to get new floor coverings to get rid of the gawd awful linoleum that runs throughout the house. Luckily it is mostly covered by carpet, but the kitchen,hubby's office, back hall and the bathroom is still visible. We are planning on getting some bamboo flooring from Costco at some point and laying that down in the office.

I've a new foodie photo at Purple Ducky Designs. It is of some Mini Ham & Cheese sammies I'd made for lunch this week. Very yummy and photographed quite nicely.

Mini ham and cheese sammies

For the puff pastry I used some easy puff pastry shells (tho this batch didn't puff as they should have, they were still darned tasty) and cream cheese and ham leftover from Saturday's dinner. I popped the shells in the toaster oven for a few minutes to heat up and crisp a bit on the outside and enjoyed a slightly different lunch from my usual toasted cheese sandwiches.

Not sure what I will be cooking this weekend. Since I still have plenty of ham I may look at either a bean soup or split pea soup. Not sure if I will make as big a batch as I usually do, I am running low on freezer space, so may make just enough for a couple meals this weekend. Have to get back to making the artisan bread in 5 minutes dough. I do need to get the book back to the library, so will need to see about copying out the relevant recipes I need for the basics and then hang out on their blog for any other recipes that look interesting.