Way too nice outside to be indoors

At least this weekend was nice. I did manage to get out and do a few things in the yard, tho my garden spot was still too muddy to do much with. I did get some of my front flower strip cleared out of cheat grass and the hens and chickens rearranged. Need to finish cleaning it out and then start on the front flower bed.

I did get the wire shelf hubby scored on latahfreeexchange cut in half. Managed to cut it with the reciprocating saw all by myself with not an injury to my body in site LOL. Also got both halves hung up on the outside of of my porch so I can put some of my containers with seeds on them:


The red pot has salad greens and the white one is spinach. It is a good start for gardening while I wait for the soil to dry out a bit more. There are some hangers on the shelves so I can hang some small pots off them. Not sure what I will put there, maybe some flowers.

Speaking of flowers:

purple flower

My neighbor left me a sprig of these heavenly flowers in my car. I have been sitting at work breathing in the lovely scent of spring. Have to find out what kind of flowers they are and plant some in my flower strip. They would look nice nestled amongst the hens and chickens.

I had planned on doing more gardening prep yesterday, even picked up more seeds (broccoli and garlic chives) and ended up laying with website code. I've got to stop doing that on nice days and leave it for night time. I did manage to get outside a couple times yesterday, so I did see the sun.

We went to the shop on Saturday to watch the race on the big screen TV. Glad to see Mark Martin winning and glad he did. It is cool to see someone who is around my age winning like that.

All in all, a pretty laid back weekend. Just need lots more of them so I can get things done LOL.
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