I think I'll live

The cough has gotten to a manageable level and I don't feel quite so run down. So I think I will probably survive to see the summer.

Not a bad weekend, got lots of rest and very little done. I did however get some potting soil into some starter pots on Saturday and got some Brandywine, Black Russian and some regular tomato seeds started:

Tomato starts

Tomato starts

The tray has a plastic lid, so I have a little greenhouse going on the top of my stove. Eventually I'll move the seedlings into the office where they can sit on a shelf under a full spectrum bulb where the cats can get them. I plan on planting them both in the ground and in containers so I can have plenty of tomatoes. I will probably pick up cherry tomato seedlings a little closer to planting season. I do have lettuce, spinach, beans and pea seeds ready to plant once it is time.

I did manage to get some laundry and dishes done. Also we took a sample of the fish tank water over to have it checked. Water looked good. I have a gold fish who is doing not too well, need to figure out what is wrong. He has a red stripe over the top of his head and what looks like an owie on his one side. He's perked back up the last few days tho. I need to remember to feed them the gold fish food a little more often, I've just been feeding them the regular tropical fish flakes and that is higher in protein then the gold fish food, so that may be part of the problem. Tho the other gold fish is doing fine.

Rained pretty much all day yesterday. Saturday was nice, had the front door open a good part of the day. Almost took some inserts out of the windows, but it is still too early for that.

Race was good, tho the snot kid won. At least my guys are making good showings, tho Jr was having a rough day of it. We had a power outage in the late afternoon, thank goodness the race was long over and we had it recorded.

Picked up pizza for yesterday, so that made a good race day dinner. Also made snausage rolls, the leftovers of those are in the freezer for next week's easy race day snacks.
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